• All our leather products are handmade and your new leather belt may be subject to a natural variation in size and colour. The leather hides used for our belts have been processed and tanned to give the finished leather an antique / vintage look and feel. This means each hide may be slightly different from the next, e.g. the grain on the hide may be a little uneven or have natural marks on it and the colour may even vary. This together with the hand finishing means that no two leather belts look exactly the same. The leather will naturally soften as you use it.
  • Avoid getting your leather item wet and keep it in a cool dry place. Should it get very wet simply rub it with a dry cloth or cotton - but do not place the product directly onto a source of heat like a radiator as that may cause it to crack. Also, keeping the belt wet for a long time may result the reversible belts to open up from between, the two leather hides are pasted with latex and exposure to prolonged wetness may lead to open the pasting.
  • We’re confident your belt will last for years. Customers have been using similar belts everyday for over four years and they’re still going strong!
  • Please be aware that the natural dyes in the leather may transfer across to lighter clothing and vice-versa - we cannot accept responsibility when this occurs.
  • Camelide keeps changing the belt buckles time to time with the trend; we also strive hard to provide different buckles for each belt to maintain the uniqueness of our product. Therefore your buckle fitted in the strap may vary from the image you see on the website. However, we assure you that the quality and sleekness of our buckles will always increase with time.
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